We’re Back! Your 2 favorite denim head dads return.

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I’m not talking about “We’re Back,” the animated feature film. You know, the movie in which a time-traveling scientist goes back to prehistoric earth, pumps dinosaurs full of performance-enhancing magic cereal that increases their intelligence, and then logically brings them back to modern New York City for a series of comic adventures. No, I’m referring to the two denimhead dads you’ve grown to love (or hate, fuck em) over the last five months.

Much has changed for Tristan and me over the last six weeks. I imagine the same has gone for many of our readers. Let’s face it, 2020 has had more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan film and has been twice as disappointing. We’ve taken the last two months to figure out how to return to our daily lives, incorporating work back into lives where we’ve been parent-teachers, mannies, and content creators for The Arcuate. Admittedly, some things have taken a back seat.

Also, I took some criticism to heart and let that bullshit shake my confidence and productivity. I shut the fuck down and hard. For a moment, I forgot what it means to publish content for the public, let alone the internet. I forgot that, no matter how hard you try to appeal to everyone or stay neutral, some dickhead with a keyboard and Wi-Fi is always going to have something to say, and likely make it personal.

I’m not going to sit here and dump my purse out for sympathy; however, this background information lends context for the rest of this post and explains part of the silence from our blog. So, let’s clear some things up, shall we?

Number got damn one: We are NOT a news outlet. In actual fact, we never claimed to be. Feel free to take it back to our origin story where we spell out that we are two denim enthusiast dad’s writing about something we are passionate about and just trying to share our experiences. If you want “news,” there are dozens of outlets for that; here’s a non-comprehensive fucking list: Denim Hunters, Heddels, Denim Dudes, Simply Suzette, Robin Denim, Denim Freaks, Denimology

We respect and recommend all of them; if you want “real news,” go there. We can’t endorse those sites enough. Really. We are accessible and relatable information for newcomers and folks looking for stories that don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s it, that’s all. Is everyone cool with that? Great.

Number two: Liking something and writing about it does not make it a got damn shill. I’m so exhausted by that concept. I like SoSo denim, a lot. I’m cool if you disagree with that. I like Craft & Lore wallets, Pigeon Tree belts, Red Wing Boots, Outshine Popsicles, and hand-tossed pizza, too, for that matter. I don’t feel wrong about any of those things. Just because I write positively about something doesn’t mean its a shill or that I even want you to buy anything. Honestly, I don’t give a shit..or two for that matter, if you do. But if my opinions help you make a decision, then I’ve done something positive.

The fact that something gets a positive review here is based solely on our opinions. We don’t receive payment or product in 99% of the reviews here, and if we ever do, we will disclose that information. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom if you have anything negative to say about that.

That ‘s a joke. Get it? Comments are deliberately disabled on these posts, not because we don’t want to debate with anyone, but because everyone should feel safe on this blog. If you’re going to attack someone for their opinion, this isn’t the forum for it. There are other places for things like that. I think everyone can get on board with not creating yet another site for people to argue about critical matters like denim and how chocolate is chocolate.

Number three and FINALLY: I cannot stress this enough; I am not a fucking expert. If you need experts, refer to my non-comprehensive list of denim-driven content outlets above. I am still pretty new to this whole community. Tristan is MY resident expert. I’m not going to get it right every time but count on me to fucking try. I am an authority on nothing (except infection management) and intelligent and humble enough to recognize my shortcomings. Trust me; the list is long and distinguished.

Why am I writing, then? Because I feel like there needs to be a training-wheels outlet for Selvedge and Raw community. The number of posts that I see on Facebook alone, starting, “I’m new and…” are countless and daily. We are not a how too, but more of a, “yeah man, these are typical experiences.” Seriously, the article about my daughter’s diaper blow-out sitting in my lap with new denim on is about as real as it gets. That’s what I’m about, and if you’re with that, then I’m with you!

What I will continue to do is write about my experiences with brands established and emerging. I enjoyed rolling the dice on small, almost grassroots, brands, like Choochai Indigo and Blue States Denim. It’s almost like testing the waters of the unknown, so our readers don’t have to. Hit or miss, we will write about our experiences to provide insight.

To close, I want to thank everyone that has read and followed along so far. For me, The Arcuate started as a distraction during a rough period in global history. I never expected anyone to read our posts or follow along—the following on our IG feed (@the.arcuate) shocks me daily as it grows. So humbly, and with great heart, thank you to everyone, and let’s see where this path leads.

*Steps down from soapbox*

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Grant Schildhouse

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