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Back in in the summer of 2014, long before custom gloves ever crossed my mind, I got to go out on my very first dude’s weekend. Shocking, I know. I was going to meet some old rollerblading buddies (yes, both Grant and I are Fruit Booters) at Camp Woodward for what was supposed to be a nice weekend of skating the mecca of all extreme sports.

My buddy, Jon-Jon, and I packed up my car and made the 8-hour trek to Woodward, PA. We were there for all of 45 fucking minutes when I experienced the most life changing bail of my skating career and ripped my pinky off my hand…no…not a joke or exaggeration. I legit ripped my pinky off while wearing a shirt that excitedly explained, “I still rollerblade.”

Missing fingers require custom gloves!

How to find Gloves for a guy with a Simpson’s Hand:

Anyhow, fast forward a year and I found myself in a really odd and frustrating situation. Buying gloves was a bitch! Snowboard mittens no worries, those worked fine. Everyday use gloves, well that was a real challenge. Most of the time I only felt normal when I’d force the pinky on my right glove to tuck in. Otherwise, I looked like I was always having a “proper cup of fucking tea.” When in doubt, pinkies out. 

Needless to say, I needed something that would fit the unusual nature of my right hand. Luckily, this was also during the dawn of Instagram. I don’t remember exactly how I initially came across the Grifter account. He was a small glove maker outside of D.C. who was hand making and selling Bison Motorcycle gloves.

At the time, my wife and I had just brought home our son and my Mam (yes, you have a MOM and I have a MAM) was over for a visit and I showed her a picture and said ” I wish I could wear something like these again,” to which she told me I should just message him and see if he can make you a pair of 3 finger gloves.

Shit! I’d never thought of that, I mean to commission a pair of custom 3 finger gloves. So, I shot Grifter a DM to the extent of: “Hey, you couldn’t happen to make a homie a pair of three finger gloves” and I shit you not moments later I got a response asking me to shoot them an email. 

Thus, began a short correspondence with “Asher Driggers.” He was actually pretty stoked about making a pair of 3 finger gloves and had me shoot him some pics of my right hand and got straight to work making me my “Simpsons” glove. It was such a cool experience, he even shot me photos of the glove before he aged them and branded them. 

Review 1: Custom Gloves Grifter - The Right Fit 1

I can’t tell you how juiced I was when these gloves finally arrived at my doorstep. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was that excited for something to arrive in the mail. There’s just something great about motorcycle apparel. It’s one of those industries that really exposes the quality of the products being used. I think that’s why you starting to see so many brands like Grifter and Deus Ex Machina crossing over into “Lifestyle brands.” 

Asher isn’t making gloves by himself anymore. To my knowledge, the gloves are all being made in upstate New York and they have way more variety than even 5 years ago. Today, they are making gloves from bison, deerskin, and even Selvedge Denim. 

I take a lot of pride in these gloves. Every winter for the past 5 years I make a point of posting a photo of the custom gloves Asher made for me. Eventually, I’m going to get a new bike, and once I do, I’ll be ordering one of his Masterson Leather Vest’s, because you can’t get any more badass than that. Oh, and new gloves of course. 

Review 1: Custom Gloves Grifter - The Right Fit 2

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