Interview 7: Pushing the Limit, The Argument for the Redline Rally

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Redline Rally

Earlier this month, the guys running the Indigo Invitational made an exciting announcement, officially heralding The Redline Rally’s start. Based on overwhelming interest, Bryan and Dave decided to create and launch a fade competition for denim jackets and shirts.

They had a target of 50 registrations by the end of March, and they just crossed that line. It’s now fully official. In less than six weeks, the flag will drop on the inagural Redline Rally.  

While excited to participate, I had several questions about the competition. The first: “Why the hell would Bryan and Dave do this to themselves.” Look at the numbers. Year one of the Indigo Invitational saw 115 registrants at the start. That was quite an undertaking in and of itself, with registration validations, monthly submission checks, and driving engagement throughout the year-long competition.

Now jump forward to year two, and the number of registrations jumps 700% to over 800 willing participants standing on the starting line last October. It’s an insane amount of work, managed by two guys in two different countries in their free-time. Neither of them have been paid for any of this work.

So, why would they do this to themselves? Why start the Redline Rally amidst the Indigo Invitational?

I wanted an answer to this and many other questions. I wanted to know why there were curated vendor and maker lists. I wanted to see how this whole operation was funded and supported.

How can the Redline Rally and Indigo Invitational both be sustainable? How can these two guys manage everything from building a participant list to sponsor acquisition, and what’s in it for the sponsors?

I wanted straightforward answers to these questions, so I hatched a plan to trap both of them in a virtual void and bend them to my will. They fell right into my trap, joining me for a lengthy chin wag in this digital hell-scape that has become everyday life for so many of us.

We sat down for most of an hour for a bit of grilling, a bit of banter, and a lot of laughter. We all ended up making the a case for The Redline Rally, which is really a case for supporting the Indigo Invitational.

Approach this interview the same you’d approach your favourite podcast. Pull up a chair and a good bourbon or a cuppa. We unpacked a lot over the hour, so, when you pull yourself out of that chair in 45 minutes or so, you’ll be a better informed competitor. We also think you’ll feel, as we do, that the Redline Rally is worth your support and entirely essential.

You can enjoy the interview via two mediums (the content is the same on both of them). There is a video platform embedded in this page, and you’ll also find a podcast option, so you can grab it and listen on the go!

Bryan Szabo and Dave Dickinson – The Redline Rally

Interview 7: Pushing the Limit, The Argument for the Redline Rally 1

You may be asking, “what should I wear?” Luckily enough, there is a comprehensive list of Redline Rally approved makers and vendors. To look them over click here and to register, click here. Also, don’t forget to read the rules!

On behalf of Tristan, Rachel and myself, we thank you for checking out our first video interview podcast. If you found the experience enjoyable and would like to see and hear more, please reach out to us via the contact us link and send us a message. We are looking forward to providing more content like this in the future.

Stay Raw. Stay Safe.

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