Let’s Begin at the Beginning: Female Fader Rachel Richardson

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Rachel Richardson, first Female contributor at The Arcuate

Let’s start at the top. My name is Rachel, and I’m a nutrition coach and personal trainer from Boise, Idaho, and yes, I am a female fader. I’ve spent the last seven years rehabbing and reinventing myself. After a grievous kickball injury, not a joke, evidently, that is a real thing, and I managed to earn one, I went on a mission to bring fitness and balance to my life. Through hard work and discipline, plus a little support from my two pups and fiance, I found a path to a better-balanced life.

Part of my reinvention included an emerging passion for raw denim. I was first introduced to slow fashion through my fiancé, Bobby. This way of life seemed to fall into line with my pursuit of balance in life. I was ready to stop wasting money on clothing that would fall apart within months, years notwithstanding. Items in my wardrobe with a singular purpose became sad reminders of waste. 

The first chance we had, we made a trek to Seattle; the denim scene in Boise is limited, and it certainly didn’t have anything in the way of female cuts. This was my first introduction to Naked and Famous and really my first time getting to try on selvedge denim. First times are awkward in life; I defy you to find one that isn’t in some capacity. Let’s just say my first experience with selvedge was no different. I tried them on and thought they were the most uncomfortable things in the world. Lucky for me, the fiancé was seasoned in the heritage community and told me to give them a chance. 

Less than a week later, they started fitting like a glove, and I knew there was no turning back. I love taking the decision fatigue out of choosing what I am wearing for the day by implementing some staple pieces into my wardrobe. So waking up and not having to think about what pants I am wearing for the day feels so freeing, and knowing that I can wear them with wedges or my Red Wings is even better. Speaking of staples, if anyone has a solid white tee recommendation, send it my way!

Enter The Arcuate

I signed up for the second year of the Indigo Invitational because I love a good old fashioned competition. I somehow missed Y1, and I wanted to establish myself in the denim community. Grant was rad from the get-go, commenting on my posts, creating a connection, so when he asked me if I would be interested in being featured by The Arcuate, it was a full-bodied HELL YES.

Writing for The Arcuate as a female denimhead allows my voice to heard in a community that outwardly appears dominated by men. This is my podium to shout from for all denim loving females to hear, and it sure as hell gives me a soapbox to share my opinions from. The Arcuate isn’t your typical “fashion blog.” The Arcuate is a “call it as we see it, live for less waste, and be an excellent human” type of blog. It just so happens to be centered around the denim community. 

Let's Begin at the Beginning: Female Fader Rachel Richardson 1

My Mission

Our editor, Grant, approached me with a task: Tell the denim story from the female’s perspective. What is it like to be a lady fader in a culture that can appear dominated by men? Who is offering female cuts and which are the best, who should our readers avoid and why? Grant literally told me to have at it and cover important things to the females and me in our community. No. Holds. Barred. 

I feel honored to have the opportunity to share my passion for this community with more people and more women! Sometimes, as a female, we can feel a sense of doubt sharing our passions. I think I can well represent the females in this community. I am used to fighting an uphill battle in a male-dominated arena as a female strength sports competitor. I am ready to show women that we don’t have to stay in the dark in a male-dominated community.

We do have options, and there is no shame in not washing your jeans for 365 days. I plan to take full advantage of this platform to bring you female-focused topics and matters for all female faders out there. Denim reviews? Hell yes, I am on it! How do I dress up my denim? I am so there. I am ready to bring more females to light in this community. 

Where are we heading?

Listen, I can be a classy lady. Just because I found a love for workwear doesn’t mean I don’t like to glam it up with my EDC a bit. I love finding great accessories and enjoy a good heel with some selvedge. But I want to help you step into my world and take you on my adventures. Get ready for all of the above, plus some heavy lifting, badass Overlanding adventures, and me trying to convince my fiancé to wear his Indigo Invitational pair for our wedding (on day 360/365).

From my first pair of Naked and Famous jeans, which is such a great brand to ease into this way of life, to visiting Denim City in Amsterdam and finding Benzak Denim Developers, I am on a mission to explore every nook and cranny of the denim world and bring more women into the fold.

If you wear it well, it will be well worn.

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Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson

My name is Rachel, and I'm a nutrition coach and personal trainer from Boise, Idaho, and yes, I am a female fader. My ambition here is to give a voice to female faders, like myself, and shed light on women's issues in the denim community.