Review 11: Blue States Thunder Rooster Review, Fast Faders From Jakarta

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Thunder Rooster

With over 50 wears logged and some seriously chaffed thighs, I feel it’s high time I review my Indigo Invitational Y2 competition jeans, the Blue States denim Co. Thunder Roosters.

Blue States Denim Co. was the gate-way brand that took us out of the Japanese and American denim bubble, safe and cozy in the predictable, and introduced us to the wild world of Southeast Asian denim. The denim market and scene are rich with smaller but quality brands like Nama, Choochai Indigo, Blue States Denim Co, Old Blue, and more.

Believe it or not, these jeans are what inspired Grant and me to start The Arcuate in the first place. For us, this inspired an exciting thought. What if we created an “every-man,” wait, that’s not strictly PC, “every-person,” blog that made access to denim information and the community more palatable for everyone, regardless of knowledge or tenure?

It was mostly a fun idea and mostly a joke until the pandemic took hold, the nation, nay the world, shut down, and we suddenly had too much free time and not enough to occupy our minds. We owe a lot to Blue States Denim Co. in that regard.

Over the last nine months, we established the platform and premise of our blog, and now we are trying something new again. I have decided that I will take a shot at doing my reviews in a video format. This is new for me and us, so stick with me as this is my first attempt at this, dammit. These videos will become more of a staple on the blog, smoother and more refined as we go.

Blue States Thunder Rooster

Thunder Rooster Aesthetics

  • These are a 16oz denim made from 3×1 RHT (Right Hand Twill) with sanforized indigo warp and black dyed weft with baby blue selvedge Line.
  • They feature a special coating that gives them a nice sheen when new, but I suspect also contributes to the high “chip-off” effect/fast fading, and what has led to them being some of the more unruly denim I have ever worn in terms of a break-in period. 
  • As an added delight, they feature 14oz Wabash pocket bags and black embossed leather patch.
  • Thunder Rooster
  • Thunder Rooster
  • Thunder Rooster
  • Thunder Rooster

Thunder Rooster Quality

  • This is pretty unforgiving denim. It is by far the highest tension denim I have ever owned. 
  • Over-all, the construction is solid and is on par with most mid-tier brands. I would put them on the same page as your Brave Stars and Gustin jeans at a similar price point, but with more character. 
  • The back pockets are bloody small! This was a big “con” for me, as not only do I prefer larger size aesthetically, but functionally, small pockets are pointless. I had them customize my jeans with bigger pockets for the second pair. Jason is accomodating (big pro), and this overcame a chief complaint of mine. 

Thunder Rooster Value

  • One of the appealing things about Blue States Denim Co. is its custom route. At $150 for a pair of custom jeans, you can’t really go wrong with that price. 
  • Prices vary for different types of denim from them, but in the case of the Thunder rooster, these were very reasonable, especially given the quality of the product.

Who should buy the Blues States Denim Co Thunder Rooster?

  • Blue States Denim Co. is an excellent brand if you’re looking to break out of the Japanese or American market and dabble in SEA denim.
  • They are kinda like the Naked and Famous of Indonesia. They make unique and quirky denim for those looking for something a bit off the beaten path. 
  • Anyone looking at going the custom route at a very reasonable price point.

Who Shouldn’t buy the Blues States Denim Co Thunder Rooster?

  • Anyone who doesn’t like Unsanfordized denim. At the time of writing this review, almost all of the Blue States Denim Co. denim has been raw and unsanfordized
  • People who like big back pockets. The back pockets on these jeans are tiny.
  • People unwilling or uncomfortable with adventuring into the unknown.

Blues States Denim Co Thunder Rooster Why? Try? Buy?

Blue states is still a bit of a wild card. I would definitely say they are a try. Like said earlier, they make some really cool denim and have some great limited edition runs. I will preface that you go with the custom measure route. Their denim tends to run extra slim. 

Side tangent: I love their branding and think they have some of the best graphics and tees in the denim game right now. Just throwing that out there. 

Thunder Rooster
Thunder Rooster

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